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FieldStone International Marketing (a subsidiary of FieldStone International Marketing Inc)

A Florida, U.S.A. Corporation. We feature advertising through the innovative use of LED screens and displays for the most captivating and effective brand marketing, We look forward to expanding our locations to other prominent cities of Pakistan, Our premiere location is in the bustling and beautiful main Beach Avenue, of DHA, Karachi, we will be launching by 2021, Preferably Ramadan, InshAllah. Our LED screens are DLP, which arguably are better than SMD and quality is presumably also much better.

LED displays under different formats are the most innovative form of Advertising


Our Mission

Here at Fieldstone, we pride ourselves on our ingenuity and progressive mindset in the 21st Century. We offer the best advertising opportunities, using the highest quality LED screens with advanced features to display motion picture imaging and the most vibrant visuals. Fieldstone welcomes you to the future of advertising.

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“Advertising is the price you pay for having an unremarkable product or service.” Jeff Bezos (Founder, President and C.E.O. of Amazon)


Our premiere location is on the scenic Beach Avenue in Karachi, Pakistan. We are hoping to soon expand our locations in Karachi, Hyderabad, and other major cities of Pakistan.

Around the World

FIELDSTONE being inspired by the success and advancement in advertising that has molded the modern cities of the world, will be the first agency to bring this LED advertising style to Pakistan’s most bustling areas.

Here are some of different approaches and designs from all around the world:

Let Your Advertising Blossom

Our LED display screens are run on latest technology of DLP that comes in different high resolutions for clarity in image and brightness. We have two different screen setups to offer to our clients

  • Twin Screens We have the Twin’s display, this feature comprises of two vertical screens in P. 6.7 resolution and sizes are 12ft x 24 ft each screen, these are capable of showcasing same, or different images and videos at the same time.
  • UlTIMATE Screen The other one, we call the ultimate display, this screen features a huge 24 ft height x 48 ft width LED screen with P.8 resolution, this screen is located at the top of the building, facing the prestigious Beach Avenue, thus creating an impact on all incoming traffic, as well as all Beach goers.

Our Location

The Six lane Beach Avenue, as per McDonalds survey and area demographics, is the only leisure traffic road in city of Karachi and has well over 85000 cars pass by on it daily, traffic continues to increase on Beach avenue due to Emaar Apartments, Sea view Apartments, Phase 6 & Phase 8, DHA, Restaurants and malls, beside the other prestigious developments around Beach avenue, the seaside, represents the only Beach area within city limits. Fieldstone, is a corporation, owned and operated by the same organization, that brought Cineplex in Karachi, it was, is, the only family multiplex in Pakistan, so, quality remains our first and foremost priority.

Advertising through LED displays

Advertising through LED displays

Advertising through LED displays presents a great opportunity for your brand with its vivid, attention-grabbing visuals, they allow instant delivery of your message to rush-hour traffic and passerby crowds, with content being colorfully and richly transmitted, resulting in the most effective brand marketing. Fieldstone welcomes you, to the future of Advertising.

Why LED Display Solutions Are A Must-Have For Your Business

LED Displays are the most attractive advertising medium for any sort of business.

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